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Take your Daughters to Work 2017

12th June 2017

Over Easter many of the girls in the LTs took part in ‘Take Your Daughters to Work', a national project designed to encourage girls to shadow a parent or close friend in their workplace in order to gain a valuable insight into a typical working day. Experiences such as these help girls when making important decisions about their future careers and also help to motivate them at school.

All of the girls reported that their experiences were ‘interesting' and shared them through presentations in class. For some it helped to confirm ideas such as wanting to work out doors, needing to work with other people and for some it helped them to rule out what they would not like to do in the future! Experiences ranged from designing page layouts at The Guardian newspaper, helping autistic children at the charity Farmability, accompanying an equine dentist and a vet who looked after race horses to examining the role of a midwife, an accountant and a hairdresser.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make these placements possible and for giving up their time on what was no doubt a busy working day. All of the girls worked hard on their presentations and we all enjoyed finding out about what their experiences.





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