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Wychwood Sixth

In Wychwood Sixth (Years 12 and 13, Study I and II), girls experience a much greater sense of freedom than in earlier years in spite of the fact that it is still compulsory to attend lessons and sign in and out.



The day to day running of the school happens through Council, which meets weekly on a Wednesday morning. Council is made up of a combination of staff and girl Councillors. The two Head Girls are chosen from among the Wychwood Sixth Councillors and so girls can have a significant voice in the running of the school. Girls are nominated and elected Councillors by the school.


The Wychwood Sixth Area

Wychwood Sixth have a special area consisting of four rooms where they can work, relax and make snacks. There are lockers, desks, a fridge, sink, microwave, comfortable seating and computers, all for the exclusive use of the Study girls. Boarders mostly have individual study bedrooms to which they can retreat to work or rest.

Young Enterprise

Upon entering Wychwood Sixth, the girls in Study I have an opportunity to join the Young Enterprise programme. Pupils are treated as young adults as they start up, run and control a business of their choice. They are assisted in this by Advisors from local businesses and a link teacher. One Young Enterprise group described the experience thus: "You learn to be diplomatic and to leave your personal problems outside the meetings. All the skills you learn are not only crucial in the working world, but are also invaluable in almost any situation where a mature attitude is required."


Free Evenings

Once a week in Study I (Year 12) and twice a week in Study II (Year 13) girls have the opportunity to go into Oxford for a free evening. They may shop, have a coffee, browse in the library, visit an exhibition or just relax in the University Parks on a sunny day.


Special Events

Wychwood Sixth girls play an important role as hostesses at a variety of special events during the school year. There are the Open Mornings and Wychwood Sixth Open Evening when some of the girls will give talks to visitors and parents. There are forums when girls (and sometimes their parents too) can listen to interesting speakers, broaden their horizons and engage in debate or discussion. There may be opportunities for social activities with young people from other schools as well as the chance to attend local and national conferences, lectures and fairs. 

Girls may also help by showing round prospective parents, pupils or teachers, a role which they usually find fascinating.

In the first few weeks of the Michaelmas Term girls are treated to various events which enable them to make friends with both years, to meet staff and to bond together as a group.  


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