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At Wychwood we believe that education is about more than just the exams which our pupils take, but we recognise that these exams are their passport for the future and therefore we take them seriously. Academic life is the backbone of our school day.

Class Sizes

Girls are taught in groups of varying size, depending on their age and stage. In Years 7 to 9 (ages 11-14) they can expect to work in groups of 10 to 25, depending on whether they are in full or half classes. At GCSE, group sizes vary from about 5 to 20 and at A level the maximum size for a teaching group will be 10.

Individual Tuition

It is possible to have individual tuition in some subjects. Whatever the class size, girls benefit from much skilled, individual tuition within the curriculum. Each girl is encouraged to measure her progress and success against her own previous best rather than to compete with her peers. As a result, we see our girls achieve academic success way beyond that which may have been predicted at age 11, and they move on to each stage of their education with the confidence and will to learn which enable them to cope with the demands of the curriculum or the examination system.

Curriculum: Years 7 - 9

The curriculum is intended to give a broad based foundation to all pupils as an introduction to the GCSE courses in years 10 and 11. To this end a common content is studied by all. This comprises: English, Maths, French, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, RS, ICT, Art, Drama, Craft/Textiles, Music, PE, PHSE, Library/Study skills and (from Year 8) Spanish.

Curriculum: Years 10 -11

All girls will take English, Mathematics, Science (either Core and Additional [dual award] or separate [triple award]), a Modern Foreign Language (usually French or Spanish or both), at least one humanity (Geography or History), RS short course or full course and up to 3 (in exceptional cases 4) other subjects, depending on the blocks. There are also 3 timetabled games periods a week. Other subjects from which to choose are Art, Drama, English Literature, ICT, Music, Photography, P.E., Psychology and Textiles.

Curriculum: Wychwood Sixth, Years 12 and 13

Wychwood Sixth is the climax of the educational experience we offer at Wychwood. There is again much help with subject choices and a booklet is prepared to help girls with these all-important decisions. Most girls study 4 AS levels and 3 A2s, chosen from the subjects taken at GCSE and from the new subjects on offer at this stage.

The A Levels that we offer are: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Drama & Theatre Studies, Economics & Business Studies (combined course) , English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, History of Art, History, ICT, Mathematics, Music, Photography, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Spanish, Textiles.


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