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Entry points

The normal age for entry is 11+ but there is the possibility of intake in any other year except for Year 11 (the second year of the 2 year GCSE course).

Most of our Year 11 enter our Sixth Form (Study) and there are always a few new entrants at this stage.

Admission requirements

There is an entrance test to satisfy the staff that a girl has the capacity to benefit from a Wychwood education. Where possible the test will be taken at the school.

Whilst the set dates for entrance tests to join the school in September 2106 have now passed, late applications may be considered on an individual basis.  Please contact the Admissions Department on 01865 517103 or email: 


Year 7

Places are offered on the basis of satisfactory performance in English and Maths. The examination is held in the November prior to entry in September. Girls take the test in school and spend the whole day here. They have "taster" sessions in art, the sciences, drama and ICT. This is an excellent way for prospective pupils to become better acquainted with the school, our staff and with some of the girls with whom they may spend the next seven years of their lives.


Years 8 - 11

Girls entering the school in other years are invited into the school to sit papers, usually in the December prior to their desired date of entry. They may spend the day here if they wish. We arrange for someone in the same year group to show prospective pupils around and to look after them. Entrance exams will be in Maths and English. (See also Modern Foreign Language Policy for Late Entrants).

A fairly wide spread of ability is recruited, subject to our assessment that an applicant will manage to attend a full spread of GCSEs to gain a minimum of 5 grade Cs. Necessary adjustments will be made on a case by case basis with regard to pupils with LDD. It is expected that they will be able to attend most - if not all - classes.


Wychwood Sixth

When entry is for the Sixth Form (Study) then papers are taken in 3 of the applicant's 4 chosen AS subjects. If one of their chosen subjects is one which they have not previously studied - psychology for example - then questions are set which require some subject specific reading comprehension combined with a common sense approach and evidence of certain skills. If a girl is looking to study the arts then we will need to see a portfolio of work. Predicted GCSE grades are also required. We advise a minimum of 5 GCSEs grade A* to C, with A*, A or B in their chosen A level subjects.

A personal interview with the Headmistress is an integral part of the selection process, but may be waived in certain situations (such as when a girl lives overseas). Ideally this should be before the Entrance Test day.

The opinion of the girl's former school is also taken into account.

Acceptance of a place indicates the parents' and the pupil's willingness to adhere to the rules of the school.


Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships are competitive and will only be given if the standard merits the Award.

Academic Scholarships
At 11+ one Scholarship worth £1,200 p.a. and two Scholarships worth £600 p.a. are offered.
At 16+ one Scholarship worth £1,200 p.a. and one Scholarship worth £600 p.a. is offered.
At 16+ one Science Scholarship worth up to £1,800 p.a. is also offered.

Music Scholarships
Two music Scholarships are offered at ages 11+ or 16+ to cover instrument tuition.

Creative Arts Scholarships
Two creative Arts Scholarships are offered at age 11+ to candidates with outstanding ability in Art or Creative Writing. One Scholarship worth £1,200 p.a. and the other £600 p.a.

Academic Scholarships will be awarded on the results of the general entrance paper.

Music Scholarship candidates will be expected to play two prepared pieces on their instrument(s) and to do some sight reading and aural tests on the afternoon of the test day.

Creative Arts Scholarships:

(i) English: Candidates are asked to bring 6 different pieces of writing, including poetry, a story and a description. These will be considered by the Head of English. A piece of creative writing will be set on the afternoon of the test day.

(ii) Art: Candidates are asked to bring 6 artistic compositions or craft items which will be discussed with the Head of Art. A short unprepared task will be undertaken on the test day.



There are bursary funds available for a limited number of pupils in particular financial need. Applicants should complete a means tested form and all applications will be given due consideration by the Bursaries Committee; this may include a home visit.

For further information on Means tested Bursaries please click here


Equal opportunities

Entry is for girls only between the ages of 11 and 18.

The school acknowledges its non-discrimination and planning duty under the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001. The School's Disability Inclusion Policy and Accessibility Plan outline the procedures which will be followed when considering applications made to admit pupils with a Learning Difficulty or Disability.


International dimension

The School welcomes pupils from abroad as long as they can cope with education in English and work towards standard UK qualifications, albeit with EAL support. Parents must be committed to supporting further English study at their cost if necessary. This would be through specialist individual or small group teaching.

A small number of short-stay European pupils may also attend the school.  In order to gain the maximum benefit from their stay and integrate successfully into life at Wychwood, the minimum period for short-stay pupils is one academic term, but sometimes they may stay for as long as a year.


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There are bursary funds available for a limited number of pupils in particular financial need. Applicants should complete a means tested form...

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