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About Wychwood

Mrs Andrea Johnson - Headmistress

The Staff and I extend a wholehearted welcome to Wychwood - a unique day and boarding school for girls aged 11-18 which, in the words of our founder Miss Lee, aims to provide an education "for genuine girls not imitation boys'.

Our small size means that we can offer individual challenge and pastoral care to a far greater extent than can larger institutions. As a result, our girls gain excellent academic results and emerge confident and well prepared for their futures.

The experiences of and quality of the school that your daughter attends will mould her into the adult she will become. Our aim is to ensure that the education we provide fires the imagination, engages the soul, stimulates the brain and opens up the world for our girls. We pride ourselves on giving each pupil the total support of a highly dedicated, enthusiastic and professional staff, so that Wychwood girls are able to discover, realise and exceed their initial potential. We want all our girls to develop their own passions and interests and to remain tolerant of and open to those of others.

During her time at school we hope your daughter will come to an understanding of what it means to be happy, as this is the foundation upon which lifelong success is built. She will then finish her school days being able to deal effectively with the adult world into which she will emerge, and knowing that she will always be part Wychwood, even as she becomes part of a global community. She will have all the skills she needs to make her way in that community as she chooses. She will know how much she has to offer and she will have the confidence to fulfil her dreams.

No website can give you all the information that you need about a school and we do therefore strongly encourage parents and prospective pupils to visit in person. Please click here for link to our alumnae

If you would like to arrange a suitable time to come and visit Wychwood School then do please contact Mike Holland, Admissions department on 01865 517 103 or e-mail

Mrs Andrea Johnson Head Wychwood School


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