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My Life at Wychwood

Reflections on my First Weeks at Wychwood 

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When my first day at Wychwood came, I was really nervous. But when I arrived everyone was very kind and understanding. When I got home that night I felt like I had been there for a week, because I had made lots of friends and really enjoyed all the lessons, and I am still really enjoying all of the lessons.

Our trip to PGL was really fun too! Year 7 and 8 went to Wales and did lots of activities such as canoeing, pony trekking, archery, zip wire and we did a mountain trek. My favourite was pony trekking. When it was time to go we were all upset, but we were looking forward to seeing our families again.

At the chocolate party there was year 7, 8 and sixth form, the head girls organised it. We played lots of games and all of them had chocolate included, they were all really fun! When the chocolate buffet opened everyone ran towards it. After all of that sugar, everyone had lots of energy to dance. At the end everyone was really tired and had had so much fun.
I have really enjoyed my first few weeks at Wychwood.

Kiera Logan


When I started off at Wychwood School I felt like I was starting fresh, but I knew that I wasn't. It was the same old me, I just had a new uniform, and I was at a new school. At least two girls form my old school joined me on my adventure at Wychwood. It was a miracle because everyone made friends with each other as soon as they walked through the classroom door!

After meeting our form tutor, it was assembly and everyone was nervous and a bit embarrassed, yet soon fitted in and felt warm and welcome. After that came meeting all the new teachers of all the new classes in our first lessons.

Our first week of senior school passed really quickly so that on the second week it felt like school had just started again. By the third week, we knew we belonged.

Clubs are also a great chance for us to get together with other years and with our class. PGL was really fun too because it gave us the perfect chance to mix with the Inters. The chocolate party was great fun too but for that I must thank the Study II. It was great fun we got to play chocolate games and then there was a delicious chocolate buffet!

I am really happy that I joined Wychwood and that all my friends here came to Wychwood because otherwise I know that I would be stuck without them so I hope that we stay together in the many years to come.

Azahara Fitzgerald


As my alarm beeped, I forced myself out of bed and had a delicious breakfast. As I reflect back on my first day I remember how nervous and timid I was. I remember it so vividly. As soon as I started to approach Wychwood I had butterflies in my tummy, however, I was also excited. As soon as I reached the form room, my nervousness had calmed down. Half way through my day I had felt more at ease because of the girls at Wychwood who had made feel so welcome. 

After a few weeks at Wychwood, I've got used to the homework (prep), policies, rules and lessons. The lessons are great, especially chemistry, maths and art. Chemistry at Wychwood is enjoyable, fun and also educating. The main reason why chemistry is fun is because we get to do practical experiments.

Food is delicious and appetising when you're waiting in the queue. The yogurt is mouth-watering, I could taste the lovely raspberry- I normally have raspberry flavoured yogurt.

Jasmine Crawford


It was the morning of a big life change.

I was so excited and looking forward to the day because I knew, that was the day when this school would change my life for the next seven years.

The day started off with double chemistry and double maths. I was really thrilled because I've never done chemistry before and I've always wanted to, and now I find chemistry super fun and interesting. Then the day ended with drama and French, which were two amazing subjects to end the day with, because I really love acting and learning new languages.

We also get on fantastically well. When I got home I had marvellous news to tell my parents.

Latisha McLaren


The first week of school, I couldn't wait any longer to start the day even though I loved sleeping! My smile was never gone and still hasn't! Everyone talked to me if I knew them for a long time. The lessons here taught me so many things very clearly and well. The support was amazingly good at this school, it helped me catch up with my work and the class. I met the headmistress, she was very welcoming, polite and super kind. I learnt my way around the school only in 2 days and almost everyone's names too! I am a boarder, I thought I was going to be homesick but no, it felt like home. I got my first alpha from maths, one of my favourite subjects. When I met my class, they were such lovely new friends, they were helpful and amazing! My year and I were easily settled. On that day, I had this feeling that I was super lucky I went to the right school, which was Wychwood.

Natalie Timms


It was my first day and I was really nervous but when I got there everyone was really nice to me and all the there new Removes. We all settled in really fast. I really enjoy all of the lessons that we have but my favourites are art, textiles and chemistry. In the first term of the year we have already had lots of amazing trips including the trip to Wales PGL and the Roald Dahl museum: we also have lots more trips to come that sound really fun. After school there are lots of fun thing to do such as fixtures and football club on Thursday which we play matches in hockey and netball against other schools in oxford and if we are not playing in a match we play football. There is Wych pictorial club on Tuesday which is a photography club and many more. I am really enjoying my time at Wychwood so far and know that the others are too.

Lily Forster


My first half term at Wychwood School has been the best fun ever! On the first day, I was a bit timid about starting secondary, but once I had met my form I was so excited. They are all now my closest friends, the best people I've ever met...the teachers are so lovely too!

A few weeks in, I was less nervous because I had my brilliant friends, but also because my brand new timetable said that I had PE, Music, French and Maths all on a Monday! They are now all my favourite lessons. PE because we did hockey with the year above, and were playing matches against other schools which was so much fun; music because we are learning songs for the biggest choir in the country; French because we learnt all about how to say and express ourselves in an amazing foreign language; and maths because we were learning about sequences, my favourite element of maths!

Rebecca Smith


I woke up and got ready for school. I felt delighted about the day ahead because today it was one of my favourite school days, which had my best-loved subjects! They were: art, ICT and maths. I am always happy when we arrive in art because I love being creative and imaginative. We were designing Christmas Cards for a competition and I knew that I would really like it since I loved the season, winter. In ICT we were learning about inputs and outputs; some of the different pieces in the computers had some things that I never knew was in there or what they were! In addition, I like ICT because I love looking at technology and how it works. And in maths, we were looking at rotation and translation which I really like.

Furthermore, I also board in the school which is really fun! Sleeping in the same room with friends and relaxing on the sofas feels like home. On Tuesdays, we are allowed to walk to a mini shop named ‘Nine to Nine' in a group and I always get exited!

I am really happy I am a part of Wychwood and I hope there will be some fantastic events in the future.

Leony Ye


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